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Have you lost access to your own phone number? Download a file archive using AppMessenger account recovery procedure.

One can lose access to phone number in the following cases: a mobile device is lost, a SIM card starts malfunctioning, or a user is being blocked by a mobile carrier. While a SIM card can be restored in a few minutes at a mobile carrier's office, this does not always turn out to be possible. E.g., when a subscriber is outside home region, or when a SIM card contract was signed by some other person.

What should one do, in case account contains extremely valuable information, while can't be restored via standard methods? Use AppMessenger SS7 Tracker to recover valuable data by specifying your old phone number. This function can be extremely useful in case your device is lost or stolen, since it allows determining its current location provided a SIM card has not yet been removed from your device's hardware module.

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