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Security & Anonymity

AppMessenger Security Architecture

SS7 Tracker (hereinafter the website) was developed at a time when maintaining client privacy is regarded as a top-priority task. Our developers have created a perfect end-to-end encryption algorithm ensuring 100% protection and nondisclosure of data received. We care nothing for the purpose of AppMessenger Tracker usage. Our client also shall be held fully liable for this website's proper and legitimate usage. The target will never be able to identify who and how hacked his or her account. That's why there's nothing to worry about for you when it comes to anonymity.

Registration data

E-mail, login, password or any other data specified in the course of website registration procedure are stored on a remote platform (this platform has zero relevance to the current website) in encrypted form. Note: in case of loss, data can't be recovered. Your target's original data becomes subject to encryption using a similar method. The following data is encrypted: phone number, login, or ID. Your password specified at registration serves as a decryption key. To minimize any kind of risks associated with this website usage, administration strongly recommends undertaking a number of additional precautions, e.g. the following:

  • Set a complex password - at least 8 characters long, containing Latin letters and numbers, as well as uppercase characters (*!#@%^&).
  • When using a mobile device in a public area or along with other persons, remember to clear your browser history after each session. Use VPNs as an extra security layer.
  • After receiving an achieve of target files in the Dashboard, click the Log Out button in the upper right corner.
Ensure complete anonymity when using AppMessenger Tracker by following the above simple rules.

Online payment security

We accept payments via the most popular and liquid cryptocurrencies, since only by completely refusing to accept standard payment methods (Card2Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, etc.) we can ensure 100% anonymity to transaction participants (both a sender and a payee).

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ripple
  • Monero
The Internet features lots of guides on how and where to buy cryptocurrency, so this process should not cause any extra issues. A step-by-step guide is available for you within our website's Dashboard section as well. Our Customer Support Team provides zero consulting services covering cryptocurrency purchase, since this process may vary greatly depending on a user's region.

Data Security

Our developers utilized the maximum of data security and privacy mechanisms currently available. It can ensure 100% anonymity for both your personality, and your target's identity. Users are strongly discouraged from violating our security measures outlined in this Privacy Policy. By ignoring them, one can initiate data loss. Note: there are more and more websites over the Internet duplicating AppMessenger. The original domain name is the following: Beware of imitations.