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Affiliate Program

AppMessenger Tracker is an innovative commercially available IT-solution. Service administration is seeking exponential growth of regular client base. In the light of this requirement, an incentive scheme Open was developed and integrated, offering privileges to the most active users in terms of attracting new clients.

By placing affiliate links on popular websites, you receive extra points. Upon gathering a required number of points, AppMessenger Tracker becomes available free of charge.

Conditions of Participation in Open Program:

How it Works

Can I Join the "Open" Affiliate Program?

Yes! Copy and promote an affiliate link now if you are interested in earning unique AppMessenger points.

Your affiliate link :

  • To become our official partner, get registered via "Dashboard " by visiting the appropriate section.
  • Once you are registered and your email is confirmed, you'll get a personal affiliate link.
  • Place your affiliate link, wherever you can, send it to your friends via social media, share it via instant messengers.
  • Open incentive scheme for program enrollees:

  • Every time a new client makes a click-through via your personal link, your balance will be automatically replenished with 1USD.
  • When a unique user registers via our Dashboard, your balance will be automatically replenished with 2USD.
  • Get your balance replenished with 20% of the order amount when one or more AppMessenger service is paid for via your affiliate link.
  • *Your current balance and bonus point stats are available in the Dashboard in real time mode.

    **Any user can avail of one-time free tracker launch.

    ***Funds from the AppMessenger balance can't be withdrawn.

If you have any questions we will be happy to answer them! Your suggestions and ideas are important to us – feel free to leave some in the Feedback Section or contact our Customer Support Team