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AppMessenger is a next-gen SS7 Tracker

A positive result will be available in a few minutes after a phone number is specified. Your target's resulting file archive contains the following:
Text messages, Photos & Videos, GPS location, Audio and Video Calls history, Contact list
  •   A target's phone number verification.
    There is zero probability that an incorrect request will be generated during this step.
  •   Sending a request for SS7 interceptor.
    Running a stability test for the connection established with SS7 interceptor, sending a test data packet.
  •  Intercepting an SMS with a verification code.
    An SMS with a verification code sent to a specified number was successfully intercepted and verified.
  •  Authorizing the target's account within AppMessenger emulator.
    Logging into the specified account was performed on a remote server, initiating file transferring process.
  •  Content transferring from the target's account to AppMessenger.
    Logs of the target's account (Text messages, Photos & Videos, GPS location, Call history, Contact list) are transferred from WhatsApp server to our emulator.
  •  Creating a single archive consisting of the target's files.
    Individual files with content from the target's account are aggregated into a single archive for subsequent safe downloading.
  •  Checking the archive for viruses and malicious attachments.
    Elimination of malicious attachments within the user files archive.
  •  ✓ The archive is ready for downloading.
    Download the user files archive to your device.
This file's size can exceed 2GB.

Even an inexperienced user can make sense out of quite a complex operation mechanism of AppMessenger Tracker. Our complex algorithm was intentionally optimized by developers in such a way that anyone could use it for different purposes. All you need to run AppMessenger Tracker is to enter your victim's phone number. All other actions will be performed in a fully automated mode. A generated file archive will be available for download in the Dashboard .


  • Complete a standard registration procedure in the Dashboard.
  • Select the application you are interested in (messenger) in the left menu.
  • Please specify your target's phone number for launching AppMessenger SS7 Tracker.
  • Initiate the verification code interception process by clicking Activate button.
  • Wait for this operation to complete successfully, avoid closing your browser window or logging off.
  • The "Success" message with info on a profile data indicates that this operation was completed, while the archive was created and is ready for download.
  • Add funds to your account balance in any way convenient for you to pay for our service.
  • Once you successfully pay for our service, all the data will be available for viewing and downloading in the following account section: Dashboard.

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